Ball Mill

Ball Mill

Ball mill is the most extensively employed form of grinding gear. GM Ball mills are extensively used in a variety of forms of ores' benefication, electricity, cement and chemical industries. With higher comminution ratio,it could carry out dry or wet pulverizing and can meet demand for sustainable large-scale production. One of the most broadly employed in the production of various ores are wet overflow ball mill and wet grate ball mill.

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Ball mill Introduction

Ball mill is mostly employed for mixing components, grinding fineness, solution uniformity, saving energy, both dry grinding also can be wet. The machine can make unique liner kinds necessary to meet unique needs. Fineness of grinding operations, relying on self-control milling time. Au electric machine auto decompression commence to reduce the beginning existing, the structure is divided into integral and independent style. This product has low investment, low energy consumption than similar goods, novel structure, easy to operate, safe, stable and dependable performance qualities, appropriate for ordinary components and specific material mixing and grinding operations. Customers is usually determined by the proportion of supplies, hardness, and determined by production volume and also other components considered to pick the proper form and liners, media type.

1.Standard sliding bearings are replaced by double row roller bearings in modest and medium size ball mills to reduce power consuming

2.Huge ball mills adopt pitot pressure or hydrostatic bearings.

3.Air clutch program for beginning the motor safely

4.Option synchronous or asynchronous motor

5.Low speed driving unit with Lifting device, handy for upkeep.

6.New Endurable wearing components to raise service life of vulnerable parts.

7.Option PLC automatic manage program Optional Accessories ( drum sieve, Hydraulic wrench mobile feeding settings)

Model Shell Size D×L(mm) E-Volume (m3) Ball Quanity (t) Rotate Speed (r/min) Power (kw) Output size (mm) Capaicty (t/h) Remark Weight(T)
MQY2122 2100×2200 6.7 14.7 23.8 160 0.8-0.074 22-5.0 380V 42.9- 46.5
MQY2130 2100×3000 9.2 17 23.8 185 0.8-0.074 25-5.8 380V 48
MQY2136 2100×3600 11 19 23.8 210 0.8-0.074 28-6.0 380V 49.9
MQY2430 2400×3000 12.2 23 22.8 250 0.8-0.074 34-6.6 380V 59.68
MQY2436 2400×3600 14.6 25 22.8 280 0.8-0.074 40.5-7.9 380V 62.9
MQY2445 2400×4500 18.2 31 22.8 355 0.8-0.074 50-9.8 380V 63.5
MQY2721 2700×2100 10.7 20 21.7 280 3.0-0.074 76-6.0 6-10KV 66.7
MQY2730 2700×3000 15.3 28 21.7 355 3.0-0.074 108-8.8 6-10KV 81.8
MQY2736 2700×3600 18.4 34 21.7 355-400 3.0-0.074 130-10.5 6-10KV 83.5
MQY2740 2700×4000 20.5 37 21.7 400-450 3.0-0.074 144-11.5 6-10KV 87.6
MQY2745 2700×4500 23 42.5 21.7 500 3.0-0.074 180-13 6-10KV 127
MQY3231 3200×3100 22.65 22.65 18.6 450 3.0-0.074 164-14.4 6-10KV 131
MQY3236 3200×3600 26.2 26.2 18.8 500 3.0-0.074 171-17.1 6-10KV 135
MQY3245 3200×4500 32.8 61 18.6 630 3.0-0.074 228-22 6-10KV 148.7
MQY3254 3200×5400 39.3 73 18.6 710 3.0-0.074 270-20 6-10KV 165
MQY3645 3600×4500 40.8 76 17.3 800- 1000 3.0-0.074 233-26 6-10KV 180
MQY3650 3600×5000 45.3 86 17.3 1120 3.0-0.074 260-31.5 6-10KV 200
MQY3660 3600×6000 102 102 17.3 1250 3.0-0.074 280-34 6-10KV 240
MQY3685 3600×8500 79 131 17.3 1500 3.0-0.074 400-45 6-10KV 280
MQY4564 4500×6400 85 174 14.54 2000 3.0-0.074 158 6-10KV 285
MQY4570 4500×7000 111 190 15.6 2500 3.0-0.074 200 6-10KV 350
MQY5080 5030×8000 145 240 14.2 3500 3.0-0.074 250 6-10KV
Note:The ball mill model can be customized according to demand.

Ball mill Working principle

After the motor driving the cylinder rotation by the reduction gear, the cylinder physique crushed ore and steel balls at the rotary cylinder by centrifugal force and friction linings are a particular height due to gravity, they produce Paola and spilled down, ore Below the influence and abrasive progressively getting crushed, the crushed ore discharge portion outdoors the discharge tube. Discharge of minerals spiral classifier in graded certified items, the grit feeder again by means of a joint back in to the ball mill to continue grinding. Feeder uniformly continuous feed, continuous ore joint feeder evenly in to the ball mill, grated material is going to be removed continuously from the ceramic ball mill. Ceramic ball mill is grinding gear can perform 24 hours every day.

Ball mill causes fever and cooling suggests

Ball in extended hours of function, because of the depletion of some components or some other variables, there will likely be instances of fever mill, ball mill fever we will find a strategy to help it cool down, otherwise it'll influence the yield and good quality with the ball mill. Nowadays we'll talk concerning the ball causes fever and cooling solutions.

Ball mill fever following motives:

1, worm overheating, bearing damage, foreign invasion, worm, the worm excessive wear. Must replace or repair, replacement of bearings, get rid of the object and replace the oil, replace worm or worm.

2, the gear fixed negative, worm put on or damage, bearing put on or harm, loose bolts, foreign invasion. It really should be fixed gear, replace worm, replace the bearing, tighten the bolts, eliminate the object and replace oil.

3, carrying overload, as well tiny or as well a great deal lubricating oil, lubricating oil negative or inappropriate, excessive seal friction and the transmission output shaft connected effectively. It must be adjusted to the proper load or significant selection of models, depending guidelines to add the suitable oil, lubricating oil immediately after adding an suitable discharge, drop some drops of oil within the oil seal, adjusted for the acceptable place.

4, exactly where ultra-negative operation, lubricating oil undesirable or inappropriate, inadequate lubricant, bearing put on, operating temperature too higher. It must be adjusted to an suitable negative, for replacement of oil, in line with the guidelines to add the suitable oil, replace the bearing, enhance ventilation.

5, seal damage, broken seals, also a great deal oil, oil Cesson off, damaged oil normal. It need to replace the seals, replace the gasket, adding an acceptable quantity of lubricating oil, tighten the oil plug, replace the oil normal.

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