5.5 Feet cone crusher

Cone Crusher

This series of crusher is appropriate for crushing medium hardness of numerous minerals and rocks. Trusted structure, high production efficiency, easy adjustment, and financial traits. Cone crusher spring security system is definitely the overload protection device allowing foreign physique iron through the crushing chamber with no harm for the machine, crusher dry oil or water, two kinds of sealed formation to create powder and lubricants isolation to make sure reputable operation.

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1. chassis, high strength, beautiful look, sturdy.

2. Semi-automatic, hydraulic adjustment discharge opening can effectively control sand, stone size, fast and handy.

3. Free filler tooth plate, simple to replace. The bowl and broken wall, the mounting surface is specially designed and precision machining on a committed machine.

4. The specific design and style with the crushing chamber, considerably improving productivity.

5. over iron protection, secure, trustworthy, automatic clear cavity, fast time-saving.

6. maze mixture grease sealed, dust-proof impact.

7. The oil circulation cooling program in accordance using the actual predicament in the majority of domestic customers and style qualities. Temperature control technique and stress control program is simple to grasp and client operations.

8. bevel gear drive, strong and smooth.

9. The unique formula and specific technology of production of copper sets sturdy.

10. The little size, light weight, affordable structure.

Model Cavity Maximum Feeding Size(mm) Minimum Discharging Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Maximum Installed Power(kw)
HPT100 C1(Extra Coarse) 140 19 50-140 90
C2(Coarse) 100 13
M(Medium) 70 9
F1(Fine) 50 9
F2(Extra Fine) 20 6
HPT200 C2(Coarse) 185 19 90-250 160
M(Medium) 125 16
F1(Fine) 95 13
F2(Extra Fine) 75 10
HPT300 C1(Extra Coarse) 230 25 110-440 250
C2(Coarse) 210 19
M(Medium) 150 16
F1(Fine) 105 13
F2(Extra Fine) 80 10
HPT400 C1(Extra Coarse) 295 30 135-630 315
C2(Coarse) 251 25
M(Medium) 196 20
F1(Fine) 110 13
F2(Extra Fine) 90 10
HPT500 C1(Extra Coarse) 330 38 220-790 400
C2(Coarse) 290 30
M(Medium) 210 22
F1(Fine) 135 16
F2(Extra Fine) 95 13
HPT800 C1(Extra Coarse) 350 38 310-1200 630
C2(Coarse) 299 32
M(Medium) 265 25
F1(Fine) 220 16
F2(Extra Fine) 150 13

Cone Crusher Applications

Cone crusher is suitable for Platts hardness f (for example limestone, quartz, granite, iron ore stool) material ≤5-16 various minerals and rocks, based on the crushing impact of different cone crusher can be divided into coarse crushing cone crusher, broken cone crusher and cone crusher crushing 3 varieties, diverse crushing chamber determines the regular crushing chamber is adapted to supplies within the debris, medium crushing chamber is adapted to finely divided components; brief head type crushing chamber components appropriate for crushing operation. Simply because several different models and superior functionality, cone crusher is widely utilised and praise in the metallurgical, mining, transportation, building, chemical and also other industries.

Movement mechanism cone crusher

Cone crusher physique of work by the crushing cone as well as the cone consisting of equipment operation, as a result of the proximity of crushing cone as well as the cone crusher and separate the material is crushed and discharged crushing chamber below the action of gravity. The new cone crusher cone crusher is supported on the upper finish from the spindle with fixed spherical bearing, their movement is driven by the eccentric sleeve.

Cone crusher machine center line intersect at the very same point, the angle of the precession angle. When the crusher operation, Cone crusher machine center line with the conical surface movement, its cone top spherical support center, the point from the cone crusher movement stay static, so the cone crusher could be regarded as a rigid body motion about turning point. Since the crushing cone is driven by the eccentric shaft sleeve, so not simply crushing cone machines about the center with the eccentric sleeve rotates, but also about their own axis, therefore crushing cone movement is composed of two rotary motion. Cone crusher machines about the center rotational movement, the precession motion or motion involved; Cone crusher around its personal axis of rotation with the rotary movement, the movement or relative movement. This cone crusher complicated motion referred to as precession rules.

Cone Crusher Applications

Cone crusher movement is directly driven by the eccentric bushings, in the space around a fixed point 0 rotating pendulum motion. Since the crushing cone plus the eccentric sleeve on its center of mass will not be the center of rotation, so the movement will inevitably create inertial force and moment of inertia with the point. When broken material, as a result of the crushing force a great deal larger than the crushing of inertial force along with the eccentric sleeve, and hence harm not show it, but at no load or no-load through the transition towards the broken material, the inertia force and moment of inertia acting around the rack, compared with a cyclical dynamic loads, as a result causing vibrations and eccentric sleeves rack deflection, seriously affect the normal operation on the crusher. Consequently, we ought to figure out the size and direction in the resulting inertia force and moment of inertia, and take measures to eliminate its harmful effects.

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