Crusher Machine

Crusher Machine

Crusher machine is one of the mining machinery industry, the most commonly used devices. Crusher machine coarse crushing operations are commonly used materials, has Crushing than large, high output, product granularity, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance. Medium-sized crusher machine is one of my company's flagship product, in terms of technology or process is already reached world advanced level.

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All of a sudden card material crusher machine downtime help measures

When using the crusher machine, sometimes it encountered sudden shutdown, then in the event you can not quit in time for you to find the causes of, and timely repair, it will likely be very cause greater losses.

Broken likelihood of sudden stoppage causes and solutions:

1, procedure crusher machine operation will be beneath enormous energy, that will outcome inside the machine but not loose, therefore affecting the operate.

For instance, in the crusher machine which features a device known as the eccentric shaft, bear the hub when the suggests for fixing loose, eccentric shaft stuck inside the machine is no method to co-work. The correct method should be to ground the several elements in the machine to check no matter if there is certainly loose, and tighten timely.

2, the crusher machine is transmitted by the drive belt to energy, so when the tightness on the belt effectively it's going to bring about downtime.

Crusher Machine

Also loose will not function since there is certainly no energy; you can find also tight will make the belt are specifically vulnerable to fracture, will impact the work. Thus, the machine ought to be checked before every begin to find out irrespective of whether the ideal beneath the belt.

3, the crusher machine use, some workers as a way to catch up period is going to be kept towards the feed opening raw ore.

Consequently, more than the carrying capacity on the machine, it can cause the inlet blockage. Workers should clean up soon after the inlet as a way to continue production. It ought to be evenly added raw material in the production approach, so that it'll not shut down the feed inlet blockage.

Crusher machine bearing oil to make sure common replacement

How to make your own crusher machine soon after wind as well as the sun was nonetheless capable to efficiently carry out the job? The answer is that the movement axis, eccentric shafts, bearings to be replaced routinely, mandrel crusher machine eccentric shaft and bearing, but really should Replace the new axis.

Impact crusher machine is operating under load, babbitt lining bearing around the duration of perform around for about 2 years, over the period, you will need to re-cast. When the eccentric shaft along with the bearing, spindle and bearing is worn, its best gap is greater than 1.5 occasions the original assembly space, and requirements adjustment or replacement pad; oil groove put on 1.5mm, need to reopen oil groove or adjustment. Rod head clearance among the cover along with the eccentric shaft, worn to assembly clearance higher than 1.five occasions, also really need to add a brand new pad adjustment or replacement.

When the crusher machine babbitt bearing on a deeper peel or large scratches, need to be re-cast.

For the good quality from the processed bush has the following requirements: babbitt surface color ought to be uniform, matte, silver and white; babbitt surface layer need to not have ash, cracks, blisters, shrinkage and ejector phenomena.

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