Sand making machine

Sand making machine

Sand making machine is our combination of advanced technology developed by the new sand making equipment, with high efficiency, smooth operation, high efficiency and other advantages, suitable for soft or medium hard and extremely hard materials crushing, shaping. I produced a new sand making machine, plastic, stone molding 5mm or less in size up to 85% more efficient than equivalent conventional production process equipment 35% -50%. Finished uniform size, grain shape is good, full compliance with national construction sand standards. New sand making machine energy efficient, high-low investment returns.

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Numerous parts of sub-feeder, the grinding chamber, bearings, impeller, chassis, gear motors as well as other elements as well as sand making machine in the hopper.

The feeder hopper and two one can comprehend, the crushing chamber is crushed into the raw material in the similar time have the function of short-term resident. The impeller is far more essential component on the crusher, the main material of your even distribution channel to every keep. Crushing chamber, the spindle motor drive unit are mounted on the base.

Following a short introduction to the major elements along with the function of sand making machine. Understand these operates again and much better realize some. Material in the feed inlet into by the sub-feeder is divided into two parts, among them into the impeller, the impeller speedy rotation, and acceleration towards the material, such material out of 3 in the impeller flow channel, via a series of impact crusher Running in the discharge spout out. But not with all the original machine and liner occurs through the mutual effect of these supplies. This avoids wear and tear on the machine.

Model Feed at center&sides Feed at center Soft Material Hard Material REV (r/min) Power (kw) Motor Model Machine Size (mm)
Capacity (t/h) Max.Feeding (mm)
B-7615DR 150-280 70-140 35 30 1700-1900 4-75×2 Y280S-4/75 4100×2330×2300
B-8522DR 240-380 120-190 40 35 1500-1700 4-110×2 Y315S-4/110 4140×2500×2700
B-9532DR 350-540 180-280 45 40 1300-1510 4-160×2 Y315L1-4/160 4560×2600×2900
B-1145DR 500-640 250-360 50 45 1100-1310 4-220×2 Y355M1-4/220 5000×2790×3320

How to enhance efficiency efficiency sand making machine

1. Sand making machine repair need to spend attention to it, for the reason that there could be no upkeep efficiency, in general, higher upkeep machinery and equipment that's extra effective, so the repairs, we've to select a unique maintenance firm, thou0000 square Do not do it your self.

2. Inside the repair process, when sand making machine fault happens, we are able to timely and proficiently to take care of, if there is related failures, we can also communicate timely and repair factory. In addition towards the mechanical gear experts we not merely save time but additionally effort.

3. Also note that, in order to improve the efficiency of sand making machine, it's required in sand making machine each day idle procedure, the sand making machine alone provide a working environment, as all of us know, sometimes Surroundings a terrific influence on the machine, if not feasible to keep a clean atmosphere, it might result in harm machinery.

Sand making machine

The last point is noted that so as to protect against sand making machine corrosion, rusting parts complications within the clean-up time will have to use a special cleaning tool. It need to not be cleaned with water with out permission.

Sand making machine equipment in cement plant

As China's economy continues to create, the building sector is also booming, sand making machine Di has also been widely utilised in metallurgy, railway, water, chemical compounds as well as other departments can see its shadow. Sand making machine for soft or Film Di crushed material, wherein the cement industry as a material crushing big demand for sand making machine Di Di applied far more broadly, as among the raw materials cement building market, the top quality of cement even in respect of the complete project high-quality, so sand making machine and building is complementary Di, we summed up the professional and technical personnel in the configuration from the cement approach should spend interest to several needs:

1. cement varieties also have some impact around the concrete pumpability. In line with practical encounter of a large quantity of projects, typically portland cement, ordinary portland cement and slag cement, fly ash cement is appropriate, shall comply with the corresponding national requirements.

2. The influence of fine aggregate for concrete mixture pumping performance is considerably higher than the coarse aggregate, mixing was so smooth flow inside the duct, and is because of lubricate the mortar wall and coarse aggregate suspended in mortar reason, which needs a superb fine aggregate gradation.

3. It really should be noted in aggregate processing top quality manage. Sand making machine top quality challenges, primarily a complete set of sand making machine generating gear fineness modulus typically fluctuate, affecting the workability of concrete, usually enables the fluctuation range of ± 0.two in.

The water content alterations regularly, producing it difficult to control the mixing water. The majority of our project proved suitable for use in pumping sand making machine, sand making machine drastically affected by the number of 0.315mm sieve concrete pumping efficiency.

Part in Sand Production Line

Sand making machine for extended been engaged with all the very first Di ability will not be unfamiliar, it's suitable for soft, hard or very difficult material crushing Di, Sand broadly applied in lots of sectors of creating components, roads, railways and also other been involved, What about the sand that you simply know how a lot? Sand and what role to play in Sand Production Line as well? Right here Xiaobian to inform you sand in Sand Production Line Di part.

Sand (influence crusher) a birth within the final century, sand making machine, is still widely utilised, is often a hugely effective artificial sand production gear. Usually used Sand Production Line procedure, Sand Production Line is definitely an integral sand making machine.

Sand Production Line is usually a very artificial Sand Production Line, in the market place is usually more efficient artificial sand production inside the production line is equipped with numerous broken machinery, so as to attain effective production.

In Sand Production Line, Sand (third generation sand making machine) is often a device indispensable. Sand will be the third generation With all the improvement, technological advances, people improvement and production of a brand new form of sand creating machine, should be to be improved in the sand on the basis with the traditional, but in addition with all the development of an era , into the high-tech kind of sand can be more effective artificial sand production.

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